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Solar Water Heater – Zenith


Zenith Solar water heater converts sunlight into heat for water heating using a solar collector. 5 years warranty

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Solar water heaters use sunlight to heat water. Mankind has been utilizing sunlight for heating water and other purposes since ages. However, recent technological advancements have made the process extremely efficient, sophisticated, safe and cost effective.

By the virtue of its position astride the tropic of cancer, Oman has huge potential to harness solar energy with abundant yearlong sun shine.

The Zenith Solar Water Heaters are excellent thermos-symphonic hybrid system which works without any storage battery and provides hot water 24 hours by switching between solar and electricity automatically controlled by a preset thermostat. Solar water heaters are simple and do not need any maintenance except for occasional cleaning of the collectors with water. The system comprises of –

  •  Solar collector (solar panel)
  • Water Tank
  • Pipes and valves
  • Fixing frames

Zenith Solar collectors are of highest quality, designed to provide maximum yield, made up of tempered glass of 3.2 mm and Aluminium casing material with copper tubes inside to transport heated water. Collectors are made in Europe and typically of size 2 m² which is enough to heat up to 200 ltr water in one solar cycle up to 65 ˚C.

Water Tank

Water tank is made up of solid Stainless steel body, insulated with polyurethane for long heat retention. It is fitted with 2 kW Italian heating element and a thermostat from Thermowatt, Italy and Pressure release valve.

All pipes to transport water inside collector (header and riser) and between tank and collector are made of copper which give a long and durable life to the whole system.

The flow of water works on principles of gravity and thermosiphon properties and does not require any battery for energy storage, nor any heater exchanger, rendering the system practically maintenance free.

Available sizes are 150 ltr and 200 ltr. However, any capacity can be obtained by combining more than one set in series. For instance, if a household needs 600 ltr of hot water, then three 200 ltr water heaters can be connected in series – three 2 m² collectors plus three 200 ltr tank will provide 600 ltr hot water.

Zenith Solar water heaters on average saves heating electricity up to 65 % in a typical household. For installation, all a single set needs a 2.50 m² space in north/south direction and 1.2 m² in east/west direction space on roof top and central water plumbing system.

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150 Litres, 200 Litres

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