About Us

IDarwazah is Oman’s first and largest online marketplace, established in 2017. We connect buyers and sellers, making it easier to sell and shop from home. We have a vast selection of goods including the latest fashions, gadgets, and more.

Our goal is to give vendors an easy-to-use platform for selling their products online while ensuring that customers can find great deals.

Our Mission

The Sultanate of Oman is a wonderful country with a diverse economy that continues to grow. Unfortunately, there is a lack of local ecommerce solutions, forcing many vendors and buyers to shop on foreign sites.

We created IDarwazah as a marketplace where shoppers can easily browse for the latest and greatest products.

Our parent group is TIC.com, one of the leading specialists in modern technologies including smart homes, video surveillance, and access control. We bring the same level of innovation to IDarwazah.

Our platform is designed with vendors and customers in mind. We wanted to make it easier for vendors to showcase their products online without needing to deal with complex technical services. By offering free vendor registration and a streamlined ecommerce platform, we hope to attract a wide range of sellers.

Online Shopping Oman Made Easy

Shopping online can bring uncertainty for buyers, especially when browsing unfamiliar online marketplaces and foreign sites. You may worry about the quality of the goods, the prices, and the delivery window.

Instead of dealing with the typical challenges of online shopping, browse IDarwazah. You can buy directly from vendors registered with our website. Shop a large collection of online stores and get the best prices on the newest electronics, smartphones, and other popular items.

Start your online shopping today!

User-Friendly Platform for Vendors

Along with offering shoppers a convenient place to buy their favorite items, we give vendors a better solution for selling their products. You can register for free and reach customers in every corner of Oman or abroad.

Discover the easiest ecommerce option for entrepreneurs and businesses that want to sell their products online. Every vendor receives access to a streamlined dashboard, allowing you to manage everything from a single spot instead of using a variety of complex online services.

Simplify the way that you sell products and reach customers with IDarwazah. You can sell almost anything on our platform. From appliances and dinnerware to cutlery and cosmetics, we have it all.

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What Can You Find on IDarwazah?

IDarwazah was established in 2017 and continues to grow as new vendors register their online stores. We want to give customers access to everything they need to live comfortably or enjoy their favorite hobbies. Whether you want new perfume or the latest gadgets, you can likely find what you need on IDarwazah. Some of our most popular categories include:

  • Electronics
  • Perfume
  • Lighting
  • Home décor
  • Baby items
  • Smartphones
  • Appliances
  • Fashion

We are the largest online shopping website in Oman. Start browsing for products to see for yourself what we offer.

Thank you for visiting. If you have any questions about our platform, please contact us for more information.